HELLO, I am Latisha Shannon, Owner of Poppin! Cheesecakes L.L.C.  Located in ATLANTA GEORGIA originally started in 2014 in OKLAHOMA CITY! I have been a nurse for over 20 years and I have always had a love for baking Cheesecakes and treats I only use the best products to achieve the best taste possible and each cake is individually made from scratch.  I took my love for baking and begin to provide a high-quality cheesecake without all the gimmicks and WILL  provide a pure from the heart delectable taste sure to bring a smile to the true Cheesecake Lovers face. With the large selection of multiple flavors, sizes, toppings, and crust available everyone will be sure to find their favorite!  I also specialize in making any flavor you choose crust-less, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan,

Raw - Vegan , Non- Dairy  and low-calorie cheesecakes! Thank You and I  hope to be able to provide you with  my high-quality delights for now and many years to come for information on ordering and for any questions 
Contact Latisha Shannon  470-562-9277 or Email


                                 Thank  you,                          

               Latisha Shannon